Hi there! – I’m Cait, a traveling teacher, holistic hypnotist & career coach with an Etsy shop, living in Mexico doing my best to empower others to live out their best life. Not too long ago, I found myself burnt out at 27 as a teacher in the US, ready for a reset. I wanted to TRAVEL & TEACH abroad.



My Story

I’m from a tiny town in Connecticut that no longer exists–seriously. From a young age, learning has always been something I’ve enjoyed and is probably what led me to be a teacher and traveler before I became a hypnotist and coach.

My own curiosities mixed with my love for people and other cultures have led me living and teaching abroad while creating various streams of income.

In my early 20s I graduated from university and took on my first full-time teaching job in the US. Before 25 I was married, had a Master’s degree, tenure, and a life that was successful on paper. I checked all the “successful” adulting boxes.

I found myself unhappy despite all of my success and material comforts. I felt lost. I sought validation through others. This led to me getting into women’s bodybuilding and pouring my everything into becoming professional in the sport. I did this within a year and found the emptiness returns. I kept blaming the busy lifestyle of teaching in the US and seeking a new career.

In 2016, I set another goal and became a certified trainer. I added on another certification, and then another. I just keep getting more “educated”. I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t happy after hitting these goals.

Finally after four years abroad, a pending divorce, three international moves, and a pandemic later I’ve come to realize I actually do love teaching, just not in a traditional setting. I love traveling, living in different places every 1-2 years, and having the ability to work online with students and clients.

With this awareness and new knowledge, I was able   make massive changes professionally and personally.

Today I work with teachers and aspiring teachers to transform and create the life of their dreams by aligning their unique skills, passions, & purpose with a travel destination of their dreams. Whether they want to teach in a destination or travel the world as a nomad teaching online, I am here to support the journey.


Career Coach & Traveling Teacher

Cait Townsley

Cait Townsley

Author of Unshakeable Confidence and Program Leader to Thrive

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