Many people associate travel with expenses, and while it is true that there are several costs involved in a move abroad, there are several ways to offset the costs. You can move abroad and explore a new country while spending less than you would in your own country.

Your options range from accepting a job abroad with a relocation package and cash advance to volunteering for food and shelter. Let’s not forget the ability to use flight miles or credit points for flights and accommodation. Below I’ve shared four options to help you plan a short-term or long-term stay while gaining valuable experience. 

Option 1: Use a website to find volunteer opportunities covering meals and shelter. You exchange work (often part-time) for these. Some will cover the flight there, but most won’t. Often there will be other benefits too. I’ve seen opportunities posted for food, board, access to a bicycle, and other benefits on an island in Spain. I’ve also seen offers to take care of dogs in Thailand and have access to food, wifi, a free guest house, etc.

Option 2: Housesit or Petsit 

Each situation will vary, but my friend is currently living in someone’s home for free for several months. I also met a girl who traveled the world by pet sitting, including Paris, France! This means no rent and utilities in most cases. Some will pay you a bit extra if you watch pets or do things around the house! Not a bad gig. This option is great for freelancers.

Option 3: Teach in Asia or the Middle East

Every country and continent is different, but these areas provide qualified teachers with handsome compensation packages. In most cases, your benefits package consists of covering the cost of your flight, accommodation, medical insurance, transportation to and from work, and of course, you receive a salary. Some will even give you a cash advance that you pay back slowly.

Option 4: Use those points!

I once went to Morocco (flight and hotel) for two for free! I’ve also used points to fly around the US and other locations. Not sure how do this? Your credit card company should have a space online to explore travel opportunities for points when you log in. You can always reach out to customer service if you aren’t sure.

I hope this blog was helpful. If you’d like to chat with me more about traveling for cheap, teaching online, or teaching abroad, feel free to book a call with me